Ms. Edwards

Teacher’s Favorite List

Teacher Name: Jo Ann Edwards

Birthday:  Month:             September                            Day: 18

Favorite Foods:  pizza, pasta, soup

Favorite Places to Eat: Olive Garden, Ledo

Hobbies: photography, scrapbooking

Sports/Activities:   sightseeing – visiting museums (things I do)

                                        hockey, football, baseball – (sports I watch)

Favorite Sports Teams: Capitals, Redskins, Orioles, Nationals

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Flower: carnations

Favorite places for gift cards:  mall

Favorite places for school/office supplies:  Really Good Stuff – catalog, or Staples

Things you can’t have too much of (sweets, school supplies, etc.)  coffee and sweets, books

Anything else you would like us to know about you: