Ms. Timm

Teacher Favorite’s List


Name: Veronica Timm


Birthday: January 25th


Favorite Foods: cheese+crackers, fruit, pretzels, salad, pizza


Favorite Places to Eat: Matchbox, Chopt, Panera


Hobbies: crafts (I basically live in Michael’s Craft Store and Joanne’s Fabric!), shopping!


Sports/Activities: Zumba, hiking, swimming


Favorite Sports Teams: Yankees, Giants, Rangers


Favorite Color: blue


Favorite Flower: orchid


Favorite places for gift cards: Michaels, Target, movie theater, LOFT


Favorite places for school/office supplies: Target, Dollar Tree, Office Depot


Things you can’t have too much (snacks, school supplies, etc.)

Cardstock, Clorox wipes, air fresheners,


Anything else you would like to share about yourself to the class:

I recently got engaged and will be a Mrs. in March of 2018!