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Congratulations to the members of the incoming 2021-2022 PTA Executive Committee, who were voted in during the PTA meeting on May 18th!

  • President: Uchenna Alexander

  • VP Finance: Rashida McGhie

  • VP Special Events: Jackie Renfrow

  • VP Promotions: Arielle Katzel

  • Treasurer: Eric Wexler

  • Secretary: Lori Apfel Cardeli

And many, many thanks to those who are staying on for another year, and to outgoing executive committee member Rebekah Jacobs, who all worked very hard to support the teachers, staff, students, and parents in the Fallsmead Falcon Family during a truly challenging year!


We still need additional help to fill out the Board! We need a VP of Communications and a Parliamentarian. And, we really, really need a couple of Membership Chairs - the perfect job for someone who is busy for most of the year, but can help out a bunch in September!

Interested? Curious? Check out what the PTA does, and email the PTA president to ask questions or raise your hand. We promise - you'll be very appreciated, you'll make new friends, and you'll probably have fun too!


A lot of great information was presented at PTA meetings and presentations during the 2020-2021 school year. Click here or below to see the resources provided at these meetings!

  • September 22nd Virtual PTA Meeting - presentations about MAP testing and from Julia Fitzpatrick of the
    Lourie Center for Children's Social Emotional Wellness.

  • October 20th Virtual PTA Meeting - Presentations on Social Emotional Wellbeing with Fallsmead Elementary counselor Rebecca Kotok, our school psychologist, and administrators

  • November 17th Virtual PTA Meeting - Guest Nicole Lee of Inclusive Life spoke about "Having Difficult Conversations with Our Children About Race." Click here to view a recording of this discussion.

  • January 19th Virtual PTA Meeting - Click here to see slides about an update on regathering in person and the Benchmark and Lexia resources used by the teachers.

  • February 25th Parenting EQ Seminar on "It's Time to Reset" - Presentation Video and Additional Resources

  • March 16th Virtual PTA Meeting - Click here to see the presentation from Ms. Makfinsky, Ms. Ganoza, and Ms. Levin about the Eureka math curriculum.

  • May 18th Virtual PTA meeting - Administrative update, Summer School info, and overview of Montgomery County Antiracist System Audit. Click here to see the meeting slides with links to more info.


Did you miss the virtual Fallsmead Elementary PTA Science Fair this spring? If so - or if you want to experience it all over again - we've got you covered! Scroll down to the bright Fallsmead-red box below to watch the presentatons from our amazing Fallsmead scientists!

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Volunteer Opportunities!

The following PTA positions are open for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • VP of Communications

  • Parliamentarian

  • Membrship Chair(s)

Fallsmead Elementary Spring 2021 PTA Science Fair


Science Fair Grades K-2

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Science Fair Grades 3-5

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