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2021-2022 PTA Meeting Resources

2020-2021 PTA Meeting Resources

  • September 22nd Virtual PTA Meeting - presentations about MAP testing and from Julia Fitzpatrick of the
    Lourie Center for Children's Social Emotional Wellness.

  • October 20th Virtual PTA Meeting - Presentations on Social Emotional Wellbeing with Fallsmead Elementary counselor Rebecca Kotok, our school psychologist, and administrators

  • November 17th Virtual PTA Meeting - Guest Nicole Lee of Inclusive Life spoke about "Having Difficult Conversations with Our Children About Race." Click here to view a recording of this discussion.

  • January 19th Virtual PTA Meeting - Click here to see slides about an update on regathering in person and the Benchmark and Lexia resources used by the teachers.

  • February 25th Parenting EQ Seminar on "It's Time to Reset" - Presentation Video and Additional Resources

  • March 16th Virtual PTA Meeting - Click here to see the presentation from Ms. Makfinsky, Ms. Ganoza, and Ms. Levin about the Eureka math curriculum.

  • May 18th Virtual PTA meeting - Administrative update, Summer School info, and overview of Montgomery County Antiracist System Audit. Click here to see the meeting slides with links to more info.

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