Mrs. Valerie Levin

Name: Valerie Levin

Birthday: 01/16/1968

Favorite Foods: Indian, Thai, Pizza,

Favorite Places to Eat: Ledo's Pizza, Moby Dick's, Thai Chef Rockville, Bombay Bistro,

Hobbies: walking, movies, reading, traveling, watching plays

Sports/Activities: I do not do sports ...

Favorite Sports Teams: none 🙂

Favorite Color: green, yellow

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers, roses, Lilies

Favorite places for gift cards: Amazon, Ledo's, Starbucks, Teachers Pay Teachers

Favorite places for school/office supplies: Staples, Amazon

Things you can’t have too much (snacks, school supplies, etc.): dark chocolate, cool stickers for the kids, strong magnets with peel off backing, crafty items for kids to use