Ms. "Liz" (Lizarzaburu)

Name: Marissa C Lizarzaburu

Birthday: April 29

Favorite foods: Italian, Japanese and Mexican

Favorite restaurants, coffee shops, etc.: Starbucks, Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, Sushi places

Favorite snacks: white cheddar popcorn, salt and vinegar chips, cheezeits

Favorite desserts: snickerdoodle cookie, milk chocolate caramel

Favorite beverages: coca-cola, coffee, cherry coke, gatorade

Hobbies: knitting, drawing and watching tv shows, going to target

Favorite sports/activities: hockey, hiking, baseball

Favorite sports team: Anaheim Angels

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite flower: Sunflowers

Favorite place(s) to receive gift cards: Starbucks, Jersey Mikes, Target, Chipotle

Things I always need: pencils, pens, glue sticks, notepads

Favorite places to buy books: Amazon, Target

Favorite places to buy school/office supplies: Amazon, Target

Other things I love: Spending time with my kids and going out to eat.