Ms. Stracke

Name: Kristina Stracke

Birthday: January 11

Favorite foods: Candy, hamburgers, mexican food

Favorite restaurants, coffee shops, etc.: Dunkin Donuts, Cafe Rio, Target

Favorite snacks: donuts, candy, chips

Favorite desserts: cheesecake and ice cream

Favorite beverages: coffee, diet coke

Hobbies: brunch on weekends, anything fun I can do with my family

Favorite sports/activities: Football, cheerleading, lacrosse

Favorite sports team: Ravens

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite flower: wild flowers, lilies

Favorite place(s) to receive gift cards: target, amazon, dunkin donuts

Things I always need: small items for my DOJO prize box

Favorite places to buy books: Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Favorite places to buy school/office supplies: Target, Amazon

Things I love: I love exploring local places! Always looking for a new fun activity to try